A popular assumption without an apparent source
What drove Rashi to identify the Lebanese city of Tyre with Eisav and Edom?
How the state has no business being kind to its citizens

February 2023

Actions are great. Thoughtful actions are even greater. But how can we be sure our mitzvos are effective?
Even great people can only be really good at a finite number of things. What, in Torah terms, does that change?

January 2023

Not every popular story is true. And not every popular story even makes sense.
Artificial intelligence makes smart Torah-Bots possible. I know because I just built one.
The consequences of the historical confusion over the masoretic Torah text.
Who says the Torah should never have been translated to other languages?
Using demographic tools to understand demographic problems
Do derashos add light to their sources, or does it really work the other way around?

December 2022

What's the ideal population from the perspective of good governance?