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Sure. Well, though it should satisfy the progressive urge to push the envelope to new frontiers this is going to be horribly unPC :The Issur of two males in yichud & a single female owning a dog.

These were shunted aside as we justified that observant jews wouldn't have such proclivities.

However since as per our liberal pseudo orthodox pontificators such proclivities have to be recognized in our present milieu these " orphaned" ordinances ought to have been already reactivated

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Tons of halachos. Many if not most agricultural halachos in EY only apply to a tiny and shrinking proportion of the population.

Any halachos that are based on animals for labor, like lo tachsom shor b'disho, or the laws that apply to one's animal doing work on Shabbos. Peter chamor.

Shiluach Hakein- you basically need to manufacture a situation to make this applicable.

Mitzri Rishon, Moavi. Will probably not be applicable ever, unless Eliyahu reveals to us their yichus.

Many halachos in the first perek of Avodah Zarah, the Rishonim dispense with.

All the halachos in Kesubos about ta'anas besulim are basically inapplicable nowadays as far as I know.

All the halachos of being mekadesh a woman with various objects, who in the world ever does that.

All the halachos of a man marrying off his daughter or selling her, nobody does that anymore, it's not economical.

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A daughter marrying her rapist comes to mind...

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